Monday, December 9, 2013

This Week in Workouts

Hi Folks,
I've had some great conversations with people over the last couple weeks, and I'm getting excited for the enthusiasm I've heard for a running club in Lander! Just a brief post here to cover the two planned runs this week. I will try to always keep the calendar below these posts updated with the scheduled runs and their locations. Please feel free to email me or post on the Facebook wall with any suggestions, questions, concerns, or enthusiasm! There is a contact form in the right sidebar that will send me an email, or you can get me direct at evanr.28atgmaildotcom.

Workout Wednesday:
Meet at Lander City Park on Fremont St at 6:30. We'll do an easy, 15 min warm-up run around town, and regather to do timed hill repeats on the 2nd St. hill by the bridge. We'll do ten, 30-second, high-intensity runs up the hill, followed by a light jog or walk back down to the bottom of the hill, allowing for a full 3 minutes of recovery between each effort. The intent of this workout is to build strength and efficiency, so we want to be mostly recovered between each lap. We'll end the night with a short, easy cool-down run finishing back at the City Park.

Sloppy Saturday:
Saturday morning trail run! Meet at 8:00am at the dirt pullout just west of the cattleguard on Baldwin Creek Rd. It will likely be a bit snowy and a bit muddy, but nothing we can't handle. Just come with an adventurous mindset and the intent to have some fun. You can run for as short or long as you like, we'll just all start together and naturally break into even-paced groups. We can check back in as a larger group a few times if people would like to do so- it's easy enough at The Bus to figure out loops of varying size to meet back at a central location.

P.S. The blog and its pages are a work in progress. If anyone would like to contribute to the site in any way, please let me know- I would be excited for any help! Whether its content for one of the auxiliary pages, or a blog post about why you run, or anything in between, I'd love to get it on the web. I added some info to the Popular Roads and Trails page- check it out and let me know what you think!

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