Monday, January 6, 2014

A Hill of a Way to Kick off the New Year

Hope the holidays and New Years were full of good food, friends, family, and fun. And running. Amber and I are back in town and ready to hit the ground running with the Lander Running Club in 2014. Here is the plan for this week's runs:

Workout Wednesday
I went to the track today to scope things out- I shoveled a lane and a half for maybe 2/3 of the track, but it's just going to be too icy for Wednesday's workout. Hills it is! We'll meet at the pool/middle school parking lot on 9th Street, and jog over to McDougall Drive to do some hill repeats. These are short but intense efforts with good recovery in between- great for building strength and efficiency, and putting a little pep in your step on those every day runs.

Sloppy Saturday
More hills! We'll meet at 8 am at the Sinks Canyon Campground and head across the road to run up the Fairfield Hill road, or the trail that parallels it if the weather is good. It is a great extended hill climb, and an out and back, so if anyone wants to turn back early, it's an easy jog back down the way we came.

We'll look forward to seeing you out there! As always please feel free to contact us with any questions, either through the contact form on the blog here, or on the Facebook page.

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