Monday, January 20, 2014

This Week in Running

Welcome back to another week with the Lander Running Club!

Sometimes I wonder if I use exclamation points too much, but everything reads very flat and dry to me without them, so I hope you don't mind!

We have had some fantastic weather lately, and I hope you have all been able to get outside and enjoy it. Geoff of Middle Fork stopped by Wild Iris today to let me know that the track is all clear, which means we can look forward to what will hopefully be our first clean, ice-and-snow-free track workout this Wednesday! Exciting times.

Workout Wednesday
We will once again meet at the Lander Valley High School track at 6:30. Please try to get in a short warmup run before we kick off the workout proper so we can get you home that much sooner! This week's workout:
6 sets of (3 min at T Pace with 1 minute recovery + 30 sec R Pace with 1 minute recovery). 

T-Pace workouts are intended to build your lactic acid threshold, while the R Pace interspersed in there gives you some pop in your step, keeps your heart rate high, and makes things a little more interesting than straight threshold pace the whole time. If none of that makes sense to you at all, please reference the pacing and training philosophy described here.

Saturday Trail Run
This week we'll go somewhere totally new- the rim of Red Canyon, for what promises to be a breath-taking run (get it?). But seriously, Amber and I did a run out there this fall, and the scenery is spectacular, and there is a great gravel road that meanders its way along the top of the canyon. We can make some detours for vistas and photos, so just bring a camera! I'll try to make a Google map link below as a reference for the pullout that we will meet in, but it is a paved pullout on the right just as you break the cliff band and the precipice of Red Canyon first appears. If you see signage for the Red Canyon road that drops down into the canyon, then you have gone too far, but not by very much! Check back here and I will post an earlier meeting location in town in case people want to carpool out there, and if people are interested, we could all convene for brunch or a coffee somewhere in town afterward...details to be determined!

Thanks for tuning in, and hope to see you out there!

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