Tuesday, January 14, 2014

This Week's Workouts

We had a great turnout last week, with six hardy individuals (two new faces!) braving the cold and completing a tough hill workout in style. I know I was feeling it the next day! Amber was down with the flu last week, but fingers are crossed that she'll be ready to crush a workout this Wednesday. Here are this week's runs:

Workout Wednesday
I haven't been to the track yet this week, but with a sunny and warm forecast for the week, I'm going to go ahead and schedule a workout on the track! We will meet at the Lander High School track at 6:30pm. If you can get a warmup jog of at least 5-10 minutes before then, we can hit the track running right at 6:30 and get everyone home to dinner and recliners that much sooner. The workout this week:

8 x 90 seconds at I (Interval) Pace, with 1 minute recovery between intervals.

If that looks like mumbo-jumbo to you, please give a read to the pacing and training philosphy outlined in the Runner Resources tab above. I promise to go over it all at the track as well, but if you use the Run Smart Project Pace Calculator before the workout, it can tell you what your personal pace goal should be for this workout's I pace- so when I call out your time on each lap (400 meters), you'll know whether you should pick it up or relax a little! The pace calculator is based on previous race times, so if you don't have a recent race time, or don't have one at all, take your best guess at what you might be able to run a 5k in. A couple of intervals in, and you'll know pretty quickly whether it was too fast or too slow :) The goal of this workout is, at its very roots, to build VO2max, or aerobic capacity. You also build comfort running at a faster pace, at what should roughly be your 5k pace.

Sloppy Saturday
With the forecast sunny and 40 degrees for Saturday, I'm stoked to get in what may be our first snow-free run in weeks! Let's keep it nice and local, and run at The Bus this week. We'll make some loops, run up and down some steep singletrack, and just have an all-around good time. Meet at 8am in the pullout on Baldwin Creek Rd!

Upcoming Events
There are a couple exciting events this month, and many more planned! Please see the calendar below for more information- I'm hoping that it can eventually become a community resource for any outdoor or exercise-related event, and please send me any events you know of that aren't on there yet! Upcoming events include a FREE seminar on Strength Training for Endurance Athletes at Elemental Fitness and Performance on Jan 29th at 7pm, and another nordic ski clinic hosted by the LVHS Nordic Ski Team on Feb 1. from 10 to noon, either at the Golf Course or Beaver Creek depending on snow conditions. See the calendar for more details! And stay tuned for some exciting announcements in the coming weeks...

We'll look forward to seeing you out there! As always please feel free to contact us with any questions, either through the contact form on the blog here, or on the Facebook page.

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