Tuesday, February 18, 2014

A True "Sloppy Saturday?"

Although this made for some confusion for me when rain-drops started dotting the back walkway on Sunday as I was mixing Quickrete in a five-gallon bucket for our downstairs bathroom re-model (it IS February in Wyoming, right?), I'm admittedly stoked that Lander is re-discovering above freezing temps this week! Not only is this good news for the mailman, as we've finally been able to remove the three inches of ice that paved our walkway when we bought our new house in January, but who doesn't love some dry running surfaces for speed work? Our trail run may be a different story, but we're  all basically super-heros so we should be fine. Evan and I did have a super sloppy run at The Bus on Sunday, I'm imagining with continued warm weather and possible rain throughout the week that this coming Saturday is going to be just as adventurous.

Also, Evan's in Salt Lake City this week with Creative Energies, so you're stuck with me. I hope you don't mind!

Workout Wednesday
We'll meet at the high school track at the usual 6:30pm this Wednesday for some tempo work. We're going to shoot for 20 minutes of effort in total followed by some strides.

After a couple of laps for a warm-up, we'll do four intervals: 4, 5, 5, and 6 minutes at T pace with a minute rest in between. The idea here is to encourage proper pacing and build mental toughness. We'll finish by getting some quick turn-over: six 50-meter building strides (starting out slower and gradually building to R pace by the end of each stretch - jogging back to the start for rest).

Saturday Trail Run
This warm weather has me feeling optimistic, so let's shoot for the Middle Fork Trail again. Meet at Bruce's parking area at 8am and bring a camera if you're up for some nice waterfall photos! 

Note: If the trail's still as icy as last week, we'll run from Bruce's down the road and do an out-and-back on the Fairfield Hill loop - up and down the trail. Between the north-facing slope and cobbled surface for much of the ridge, we may run into less mud and definitely less ice.

Have an awesome week and see ya'll tomorrow!

Amber and Evan

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