Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Runnin' into Spring

Welcome to another exciting week with the Lander Running Club!

Last week we cancelled Workout Wednesday in favor of keeping all of our extremities. Hope you all found an alternative activity, or just enjoyed a night off (I know I did). We got out for a great trail run on Saturday to make up for it, and even had two new faces (three if you count dogs...) When we left town it was a chilly 3 degrees and sunny, but by the time we reached the trailhead it was windy, snowing and 26 degrees. That canyon is full of surprises. We did a challenging but fun 5 mile loop with a fair bit of climbing and descending, and man was it fun to cruise down the singletrack off the canyon rim to finish out the run.

This week's forecast is dramatically different, and looks decidedly spring-like! It will undoubtedly get cold again, but make sure you get out this week and enjoy some of this warm weather. Enough gabbing- here are this week's runs:

Workout Wednesday 

I'm going to plan on a track workout this week. If it is too snowy, we'll still meet at the high school, but jog over to Cascade for some good old fashioned hill repeats. Should we get on the track, this week's workout will focus on improving aerobic capacity through Interval training, or I pace. This pace should be roughly your 5k race pace. We'll finish the workout with four short R-pace repeats to keep that foot turnover high and help build running economy. The prescription:

5 x (3 min I pace, 2 min rest), 4 x (30 sec R pace, 1 min rest)

Don't know what that means? Check out an explanation of pacing on the blog page, Runner Resources, and get an estimate of what your pacing should be with the RunSmartProject Pace Calculator.

Saturday Trail Run
The forecast for the week is looking fantastic and I can't wait to hit the trails! I'll bet there will even be a fair bit of snow-free running to be had. This Saturday, let's meet at 8 am in Bruce's parking lot- the lot that is all the way up Sinks Canyon, and we'll have a go at running up the Middle Fork Trail. Waterfalls and glory await. We'll see you out there.

Happy Trails!

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