Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Winter has returned!

Welcome back, and BRR!

It seems that winter has returned to our strangely-sunny and warm little town. While I know you all want to go out there and punch that Polar Vortex in the face, just remember that freezing cold runs take an extra toll on the body and might require some extra recovery to avoid getting worn down- especially if you have little ones that are bringing home all sorts of bacterial cultures from their friends at school!

We had a great hill session last Wednesday. I got stuck a little late at work, so Amber ran the timer (and the hills) in my stead. I showed up late to spectate and heckle a bit. It was also a good send-off for Kevin, a strong LRC supporter and running enthusiast, who left the next day to lead a NOLS trip in New Zealand. Being on the opposite side of the equator, it is summer there, and the South Island is spectacular. I'm not jealous.

Saturday's trail run was blustery but fun! I think we had 7 people show up and run with us. Farmer Fred either decided to try relive some memories and take down an elk with his bare hands, or a mountain lion got him. If he shows up this week with packages of elk meat, we'll know what happened. I love those sandstone formations out at Johnny! The snow works some magic there.

Workout Wednesday - CANCELLED
With the forecast for Wednesday predicting a high of -3 F, we're going to call this one off. I'll probably get out for an easy run earlier in the day, but I think that pushing the aerobic-anaerobic boundary when it's in the negatives is probably unwise. It's the off season! No need to crush ourselves, get sick, or frostbite our airways unnecessarily. I recommend some strength, stability, and mobility work indoors instead.

Saturday Trail Run
It is looking like it will warm up a little bit  by the end of the week. Let's plan to run up the Fairfield Hill Rd. We will meet at 8 am in the dirt pullout on the right at the bottom of the Fairfield Hill Forest Service road, immediately across the highway from the Sinks Canyon Campround. It is a great extended hill climb, and can be a simple out-and-back or a loop, so if anyone wants to turn back early, it's an easy jog back down the way we came.

Happy Trails!

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