Tuesday, March 11, 2014

A Fleeting Taste of Spring

Greetings from the Lander Running Club!
Liam says head right at The Bus to hit slick rock and avoid mud!

There were some incredulous looks exchanged in Wild Iris yesterday. I had just ridden my bicycle back to the store in a t-shirt (and pants- don't worry, I was not nude) and someone shared that a winter weather advisory was in effect. Good ole Wyoming weather- 60 degrees to a winter storm in 24 hours! 

We had five courageous souls make it to last week's track workout. It was a tough one, but everyone finished strong, and I'm sure will be stronger for it!

Last week's Saturday trail run was cancelled in favor of a new local 5k/10k, so I hope some of you made it to the race for some bonus speed work. We had planned to make it, but Amber and I awoke to 3+ inches of water in our basement that morning. We owe a big thanks to everyone that helped us out! We narrowly avoided having to call FEMA...

On to the workouts!

Workout Wednesday
Because of the snowy forecast, we're going to do another hill workout. Let's meet at the LVHS parking lot at 6:30, and we'll run as a group over to Cascade for another round of hill repeats. So much fun. Also new this week, we will officially have DAYLIGHT for the workout! Tell me that isn't at least a little exciting.

Saturday Trail Run
Amber and I will both be gone this Saturday, but we've alerted a couple of regular group members to this fact so any new faces can be met by someone familiar with the group. We hear there's a wrestling meet in town Saturday morning, so there was a request to schedule the trail run a little closer to town. Your wish is our command, so The Bus it is. Meet at the trailhead on Baldwin Creek Rd. at 8am. Hopefully the muddy trails will still be frozen by then, since the sun will have only just come up.

Thanks for tuning in, and hope to see you Wednesday!

Evan and Amber

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