Tuesday, March 4, 2014

March Madness

Liam's ice beard from last Saturday
Why hello there, and Happy March! We had a lovely introduction to this month on last Saturday's trail run up Fairfield Hill. As springtime appears on the horizon in Wyoming, we all know how jealous other places can become of our state. Maybe it's the lingering negative wind chills (shouldn't my nose hairs have stopped freezing last month?), the howling wind, or the heavy, wet snow storms that cover the budding tree branches or flatten the tulips just when it seemed the weather might warm up and be boring for a while. Anyway, Saturday's snow, wind, and facial hair freezing temps were a comforting reminder that the weather here still plans to do Spring up right!

Workout Wednesday
All of that being said, this week is looking to warm up so we're planning to be on the track for this Wednesday's speed work. Here's the deal:
We'll meet at the Lander High School track at 6:30pm. After a couple of warm-up laps, we'll do
2 x (6 min T pace, 1 min rest) followed by
4 x (2 min I pace, 90 sec rest)

If you're unsure of what T pace and I pace mean, check out our Runner Resources page and/or use the
Run Smart Project Pace Calculator to get an idea of what those paces should be for you.

Saturday Trail Run
Cancelled! (But for a good reason, we promise) See below!

Upcoming Events

  1. Mark your calendars for THIS SATURDAY, March 8th, the 1st Annual Lion/Lamb 5k/10k race in Lander. The race will be held at the Lander Valley High School at 9 am. You can register day-of (make sure you arrive early), or pick up a registration form at Wild Iris or Gannett Peak Sports. For more information, contact Matthew Parsons at mparsons@landerschools.org. The Saturday Trail Run will be cancelled this week to encourage folks to partake in this new community race. Hope to see you there!
  2. Next Friday, March 14th, Evan will lead an introductory trail running clinic titled Run Forest Trail Run. This will be held at Wild Iris Mountain Sports from 10:30- 11:30am as part of their ongoing Clinics and Coffee series. We'll talk trail safety, gear, footwear, nutrition, and field whatever questions fly. 

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Thanks everyone! See you soon.

Amber and Evan

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