Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Workin' on that Spring Break Beach Bod'

Welcome back to another exciting week with the Lander Running Club!

Evan here, just clawing my way back from the dark depths of some minor stomach illness. I missed what sounded like a great workout last week, though I was probably skiing fresh powder in the Colorado backcountry at the time... can't complain too much I suppose.

I know that the greater Lander/Riverton region has some Spring Breaks coming up because everyone has been coming in to buy sandals and flip flops at Wild Iris. So obviously that means everyone is going to Cancun, and everyone is looking to get toned up for that fab beach vacation. Well before you hit the spray tan booth, c'mon down to the Lander Running Club's Wednesday Workout! Intervals don't only make you faster, they're also a great way to burn fat!

Workout Wednesday

This Wednesday's workout will be fast, and then faster. And by that I mean fun, and then funner (yep. definitely a word).

4 x (3 min I pace, 2 min recovery)
4 x (45 sec R pace, 90 sec recovery)

Don't know what that means? Check out an explanation of pacing on the blog page, Runner Resources, and get an estimate of what your pacing should be with the RunSmartProject Pace Calculator.

Saturday Trail Run

This Saturday we will run at Johnny Behind the Rocks. If you haven't run their before, it's a great spot for meeting up with the club, as their are many trails that give us many different distance options while still being able to run loops rather than a boring old out and back :)  Let's meet at the trailhead at 8 am again, but if you would like to carpool, we can meet in the front parking lot for the Best Western/Wild Flour Bakery at 7:40 (hitting the road by 7:45). Directions to Johnny can be found on the tab at the top of the page, Popular Roads and Trails

Upcoming Events
CORRECTION: The Boston Remembrance- Clarlene M. Peil Memorial 5k/10k date has been changed to April 26th, so you can now do BOTH RACES. Race Director Matthew Parsons has totally saved you from agonizing hours of indecision. Get ready to get your Easter Race Face on. On April 12th in Riverton, CWC is hosting the Bunny Fun Run (I think you race rabbits?). We will cancel the normally scheduled trail runs those weekends (Saturday, April 12 and April 26) in hopes that people will support  these community events (and RACE THEIR FACES OFF). Hope to see you there!

Happy Trails from the Lander Running Club


  1. Thanks for posting, Evan! The Boston Marathon Remembrance Run/Clarlene M. Peil Memorial 5K, 10K has been rescheduled to be on April 26th. That way one can run the Bunny Fun Run in Riverton April 12th and the Peil Memorial run on April 26th. Thanks for your support!

    1. Thanks for the update, we'll fix the info now!

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