Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Another Week in Paradise

Good morning runners!

Some garbled obscenities may have escaped my mouth when we awoke to several inches of fresh snow on Monday, especially after being treated to an almost completely dry Johnny Behind the Rocks this past weekend. But then the weather turned around AND TOTALLY REDEEMED ITSELF yesterday with some pleasant sunshine and melted snow by the afternoon. I'll take it. 

The highlight of the Wednesday workout: finishing it! Stoke level high.
Workout Wednesday

This week we will do some more T-pace running to focus on improving your lactate threshold, and end with a few faster reps to keep that  turnover high and give you that fresh feelin' pop in your stride. It's gonna be great.
3 x (6 min T pace, 1 min rest)
4 x (30 sec R pace, 1 min rest)

Meet at the high school track at 6:30, and get a warmup jog in beforehand if you can! Want to know what your paces should be when running T pace or R pace? Check out an explanation of pacing on the blog page, Runner Resources, and get an estimate of what your pacing should be with the RunSmartProject Pace Calculator.

Saturday Trail Run
It's been a while, so let's hit up the always-popular Fairfield Hill Rd loopWe will meet at 8 am in the dirt pullout on the right at the bottom of the Fairfield Hill Forest Service road, immediately across the highway from the Sinks Canyon Campround. It is a great extended hill climb, and can be a simple out-and-back or a loop, so if anyone wants to turn back early, it's an easy jog back down the way we came.

Upcoming Events
The Boston Remembrance- Clarlene M. Peil Memorial 5k/10k date has been changed to April 26th, so you can now do BOTH RACES. Race Director Matthew Parsons has totally saved you from agonizing hours of indecision. Get ready to get your Easter Race Face on. On April 12th in Riverton, CWC is hosting the Bunny Fun Run (I think you race rabbits?). We will cancel the normally scheduled trail runs those weekends (Saturday, April 12 and April 26) in hopes that people will support  these community events (and RACE THEIR FACES OFF). Hope to see you there!

Happy Trails from the Lander Running Club

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