Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Ramblin' Man (and Woman)

Happy Day-Before-Workout-Wednesday Day!
What we Landerites have to look forward to shortly!

Just a quick post this time, lot's going on this week, including Amber and I leaving on something of a vacation! We unfortunately are going to miss this Wednesday's workout, and we will actually be out of town for Saturday's trail run, and both of next week's as well. But don't worry! We will still post workouts and runs. We are hoping to con some folks into leading the Saturday trail runs, so if you're feeling inspired about getting out on a certain trail, let us know! You can contact Amber and I at landerrunning@gmail.com.

ALSO! If you haven't already, check out the new LRC Column page! Amber wrote the first (great!) post, but we're hoping anyone that is feeling inspired or gets the creative itch will write a post as well. This is a great spot for race reports, stories from the trail, adventures, ponderings on the run, or whatever else might be related to running, health, fitness, the club, and beyond. We are hoping to set up a slick way for anyone to post through the webpage, but for now, feel free to submit posts or ideas by email.

Workout Wednesday
With all these local 5k's lately, I think we should do some more work to get people some PRs, no? I-pace it is!
6 x (2 min I pace, 90 sec rest) + 2 min rest + 4 x (30 sec R pace, 90 sec rest)
That should have you feeling fast in no time!

In case you haven't noticed yet, the kind staff at Run Smart Project have supplied us with the code to put their pace calculator on LRC's Runner Resources page! Check it out, you can now figure out your training paces with 50% less clicking!

Saturday Trail Run
To be determined (will update soon), though we would suggest the Middle Fork Trail. Word on the street is that the trail is dry and clear at least 4 miles in, and I would bet even further!

Other News
We've been working a bit with the Lander Challenge for Charities 4th of July events, and to help encourage more folks to give it a try and get more beginners involved, (EDIT:) I just posted a FREE training plan and guidelines for those looking to run the Challenge for Charities half marathon! The plan is intended for someone looking to run their first half marathon, or returning to running the distance after a long break from running. If your background or racing interests are different than that and you're looking for some extra guidance in your training, I also offer custom training plans and coaching services at competitive rates- please contact me directly at evanr.28@gmail.com if interested!

That's all for now.
Happy Trails from the Lander Running Club!

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