Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Sunshine and new trails...Yes please, I'll have some of that.

Hi Lander!

Welcome to another week with the Lander Running Club. We were stoked on the turn-out for this past Saturday's trail run up Fairfield Hill and we're hoping to see our numbers continue to grow with the
Smiling faces because The Bus is finally dry and beautiful!
onset of warmer days. We met a few new faces and had beautiful weather.

This week, we're looking at another set of warm and getting warmer days. We expect that in the coming weeks our trail runs can start expanding beyond the usual set we've repeated out of necessity in the winter. Get ready for some variety!

What we're looking at for this week's runs:

Wednesday Track Workout
Speaking of variety, we've been doing a lot of T pace lately, so let's change it up this week and go for some faster and shorter stuff.

  • Warm-up - we suggest getting about 20 minutes of easy running in on your own leading up to the workout (For instance, Evan and I often run a short loop in town and then run to the track)
  • 5 x 3 minutes at I pace with 2 minutes recovery in between (if you need help determining your I pace, check out our Runner Resources tab where you'll find a description and a link to a super nifty pace calculator)
  • 6 strides on the grass 
  • Cool down - 10-20 minutes

Saturday Trail Run
Cancelled in favor of the Bunny Fun Run hosted by CWC in Riverton.

BUT we know that some folks are on longer training plans, which require them to cover more distance than a 5k on Saturday. If you're one of those people and interested in organizing an afternoon run, feel free to solicit long-run companions on the LRC Facebook page. Evan and I will certainly be out and about and happy for people to join us if they like.

Upcoming Events
On April 12th in Riverton, CWC is hosting the Bunny Fun Run (I think you race rabbits?). The Boston Remembrance- Clarlene M. Peil Memorial 5k/10k date has been changed to April 26th, so you can now do BOTH RACES. Race Director Matthew Parsons has totally saved you from agonizing hours of indecision. Get ready to get your Easter Race Face on.  We will cancel the normally scheduled trail runs those weekends (Saturday, April 12 and April 26) in hopes that people will support  these community events (and RACE THEIR FACES OFF). Hope to see you there!

ALSO! Mark your calendars for Tuesday, April 22nd for a Runner's Forum in Riverton from 6:30-8:30. There will be speakers (including Evan from LRC) covering topics including nutrition, running form, and training strategies, and plenty of time to socialize with regional runners. The intent is to build more community for runners and unity among running groups in the greater Wind River region, so we hope you can attend! Watch for more information as the event draws closer

That's all for now! Enjoy your sunshiny week and we'll see you soon!

The Lander Running Club

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