Monday, May 12, 2014

Weee'rrrreeee Baaaaack

Ok, if you never indulged in that 90's animated movie about dinosaurs in Central Park, then I suppose it's fair that you read that title and thought, hmm...creepy.

The start of The Canyons 50k in Foresthill, CA
Photo Credit: Gretchen Brugman
But seriously, we're back from an exhausting, yet very satisfying 3,000 mile road trip/running adventure and ready to rock again with the LRC! Part of the trip involved running the inaugural The Canyons 50k, which takes place on part of the infamous Western States 100 course. Truly a treat! If you have any interest, you can check out Evan's race report on the Canyons 50k here, and Amber's here. Which reminds us, if you have an inkling to write anything up, whether it be a race report or anything running related that you find the urge to share, let us know! The LRC Column is ripe for some new (non-Amber or Evan) posts!

Now that spring has hopefully sputtered its last bit of crumby winter weather for now (I say for now, because it is Wyoming after all - we're semi-accustomed, though perhaps not welcoming to those Memorial Day "haha, you thought you were going to barbeque!" blizzards), it looks like we can hope for some warmer running this week!

Wednesday Track Workout
We've been on the track quite a bit this spring, so let's mix it up and hit the hills again! We'll meet at the LVHS track at the usual 6:30 and do a group warm-up run over to Cascade Dr. for some hill repeats. Let's plan on 10 sets of 30 seconds on, 90 seconds recovery.

Sloppy Saturday Trail Run - 9 AM
Given the recent dump of precip, Johnny might be the most promising option to have dried out by Saturday morning. NOTE: In hopes of making the trail runs more attractive to folks, we've decided to change the time for these to 9am at the parking area. This might make it easier for those who have to travel further, or let's face it, want to sleep in a little on their Saturday.

I think that's all for now, but just to make sure it's on your calendars, don't forget about the Moccasin Lake Challenge Run starting in Fort Washakie Saturday May 24th! It should be a great time!

See you out there!

Your friends at the Lander Running Club

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