Monday, May 19, 2014

Weekly Workouts and Special Announcement

Welcome back to another week with LRC!

We had great turnout last week for the hill workout, with some folks coming over from the Lander Tri Club as well. If you're ever looking to get in some group training rides or swims make sure to check out their website and the event calendar below (we share the same google calendar).

As you may already know, there is a knew trail half marathon coming to the area called Run the Red, intended to highlight the unique and beautiful Red Desert. The race is being put on by the Wyoming Outdoor Council, Wyoming Wilderness Association, NOLS, and other partners and sponsors, and will start and finish at the White Mountain Petroglyph parking area (north of Rock Springs). If you're not already planning to run the race (you can register here), the event organizers are still looking for a few more volunteers to help with aid stations. Volunteering is a great way to experience the race (and get a sweet free t-shirt!), and support an exciting new local event. If you would like to volunteer or learn more about it, email Caitlin here.

Speaking of upcoming events, the Lander Challenge for Charities Half Marathon is coming up quick! If you're thinking about doing this race and haven't run this distance before (or very recently), I wrote a free beginner's training plan and some helpful tips and guidelines to help you get to the finish- check them out, and feel free to share widely!

Anyway, on to the workouts!

Workout Wednesday

It's T-pace for the all of you. Threshold pace is a critical part of a training plan for all distance runners, from a 5k to a marathon. So come on out and get after it!

3 x (5 min T pace, 1 min rest; 1 x 30 sec R pace, 1 min Rest)

Saturday Trail Run- CANCELLED

Saturday's trail run is cancelled in favor of encouraging folks to attend the Moccasin Lake Challenge. It is an 18 mile uphill run, and the organizer has emphasized that it is not a race but a challenge. I surmise it is an all day affair with a celebration at the beautiful Moccasin Lake, and if the distance seems too far for you to run, don't worry about it! It would make a great hike with some intermixed running. If you're healthy and active, challenge yourself!

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