Monday, June 23, 2014

Miles of Smiles

Hi Lander!

Photo: Ernie Oliver,
Holy rainbows e'rybody. If you weren't able to make it to Lander's first annual Pride Picnic and fun run on Sunday, you missed a party! There were somewhere around 250 participants and a good number also participated in the rainy run around town with Skittles and colorful costumes. Rumor has it that this was the largest pride gathering in the state! Now that's freakin' awesome. For those who were able to make it to run and/or the picnic,  thanks for helping to make the event such a success!

Just a reminder that we're looking for folks to write a post now and then for the LRC Column. These can be about anything running - maybe you want to write about your training, your experience (good or bad) in a goal race, why you love to run, what motivates you, food or gear that fuels your running, what running means to you/your family, the list goes on. The idea is to share running experiences and/or thoughts with the larger community because chances are, there's someone who can relate, who has gone through the same difficulties or experienced the same elations and would benefit in some way from reading about your experiences. Running creates adventures for each of us and believe it or not, the rest of us find your adventures interesting to read about! Please let Evan or I know if you're interested in contributing and send anything you write along with any photos you want included with your post to

Alright, enough gabbing and onto this week's runs!

Wednesday Workout
Meet at the LVHS track at 6:30 pm (or get there early if you'd like a longer warm-up). Get some warm-up laps in (at least 2), and we're taking the pace up a couple of notches this week! We're going to get that lactic acid in pooling in the muscles and get some practice running when those legs are screaming at you to stop!

  • 1 x 3 minutes at I pace followed by 2 minutes rest,
  • 6 x 90 seconds at R pace with 2 minutes, non-active (no jogging around) recovery in between. 
  • Be sure to get in a good cool down - at LEAST 10 minutes
Saturday Trail Runs
Evan and I will unfortunately (or fortunately, however you want to look at it) be gone again this weekend. This time for my race in Colorado! Hence, we are canceling the Saturday trail run. In lieu of a trail run though, maybe think about checking out the High Country Challenge in Dubois! It looks like it'll be a ton of fun!

Mile Time Trials!!!!
The time has come! This is a little heads up on the plan for NEXT Wednesday, July 2nd! We're hitting the track once and for all for a good ol' fashioned mile time trial! This isn't a race, although you can sure feel free to make it that way if you like. This is just a great time to cut back the mileage a little for the workout (since we're all probably planning on the annual Challenge for Charities Half Marathon or 5k that Friday) and to get an updated read on where we're all at on our VDOT (how you determine what your T, I, and R paces are).

Think about dressing up, though perhaps in something functional enough for running a good effort in - maybe you have some ridiculous retro track uniform from high school that you've just been waiting to bust out? Show us what you've got!

That's all for now, folks! We look forward to reading your LRC Column submissions and we'll see you on the track!

Keep on gettin' after it!

Amber and Evan

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