Monday, June 9, 2014

Summertime and Water and Wildflowers and RUNNING

Greetings everyone!

Thanks for tolerating our lack of a post last week while we were traveling and running in southern Utah! It was a great time, but that's not to say that Wyoming isn't the place to be this time of year! June running in Lander is a real treat for those of us lucky enough to experience it! The streams are (usually) full of cool mountain water and the wildflowers and greenery are out in full force. You can bet that we won't be passing by our chances to get out and enjoy all of the amazing scenery the Lander Valley and Wind Rivers have to offer this month!

You guys are awesome, despite the lack of harassment from our end, the trail run this past Saturday was still a success and we were even graced with two new faces for a run up the Middle Fork Trail!

Here's what we're looking at for this week:

Wednesday Track Workout
We'll be on the track again for some mixed bag efforts! That's right, the whole spectrum. Get ready for some T, I and R pace, it's gonna be great!

8 minutes at T pace with 2 minutes recovery afterward, then
2 x 3 minutes at I pace with 2 minutes recovery in between, then
3 x 1 minute at R pace with 2 minutes recovery in between.

As always, if you need to figure out your T, I and R pace, visit our Runner Resources page and use Jack Daniels' (the coach, not the whiskey) handy pace calculator. You type in the distance and time of a race you've run recently (or a race-like effort) and hit calculate. Then click on the "Training" tab, which will tell you the times you should be running at each pace (T, I, R, M, and E) for a mile, a lap (400m), and 200m. I usually write my lap times for each pace on my wrist so that I can make sure I'm on pace. (e.g. T: 400 @ 1:53, I: 400@1:43, R: 200 @0:49)

Saturday Trail Run
This Saturday is the Fast and the Furriest 5k/1k in Riverton! As per protocol, we're going to cancel our Saturday group trail run in hopes that folks will make it out to the race! On top of the fact that this is a great community event, it's also for a great cause. Proceeds benefit the Critical Care Companion Animal Fund for pets in our community. HOWEVER, to substitute for the lack of a Saturday trail run, how about we all get out for a...

We are slated for a full moon on Thursday, and I don't know about you, but I can't think of a better way to celebrate surviving another lunar calendar than to go on a full moon trail run this Thursday at Johnny Behind the Rocks! We'll meet at the JBR trailhead at 9 pm. Don't worry about getting back late- the next day is Friday, and Friday is basically the weekend. C'mon out for some weird and wild fun with friends. With any luck we'll be able to run by moonlight, but bring headlamps or flashlights just in case!

Finally, now that summer is in full swing and folks are probably looking for more ways to get outside, please don't forget to tell your friends about the Lander Running Club! Encourage them to visit this blog, sign-up for our newsletter, and "Like" us on Facebook to get the weekly updates on workouts and running events in and around Lander and Riverton! The bigger our community, the more fun this whole thing becomes!

That's all for now, folks! We're looking forward to seeing you on the track!

Amber and Evan
Co-Founders, The Lander Running Club

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