Monday, July 7, 2014

And this is what we call heat training.

LRC Member, Robyn Baker and her daughter approaching the finish!
I don't care who y'are, 87 degrees in Wyoming is hot! Our mild June had me forgetting just how ridiculously warm Lander can be compared to the rest of the state. Not that I'm complaining exactly, heat feels nicer than cold in many ways so we'll just embrace this insanity and call it heat training!

Congratulations to those of you who competed in the Challenge for Charities 5k or Half Marathon last weekend! Neither Evan or I got to run because of racing/pacing the weekend before, but we hung out at the finish line to cheer on our friend from Flagstaff, Forrest Boughner, who was running the half and took the opportunity to cheer on as many familiar faces as we could! We even scored a few photos!

LRC Member, Kevin Redmon finishing strong for 3rd in the Half!
I haven't been over yet to check on the high school track to see if it's open again after last week's construction fiasco, but that's okay because I'm gonna say this is a good opportunity to change it up from all the time on pavement/road and run on a softer surface.

Wednesday Track Workout

Let's meet at 6:30 on the GRASS TRACK BEHIND THE POOL (on 9th and Black/Dabich) and just to mix things up a little, we're coming at this week's workout from a more unique perspective. First, make sure you come to the workout with your newly tuned (since we just did mile timed trials and/or you've probably recently run a race) T, I, and R paces written down and in your pocket (or on the back of your hand).

I'm not going to tell you what the workout is this week, because I don't even know! I'll show up with a bag and in that bag, will be a little bit of EVERYTHING.

We're aiming for fifteen minutes of harder effort, but the type of effort and the rest you get in between depends upon what we draw from the bag. We're going to draw a repeat out of the bag which will give you one repeat and its associated rest. You'll run the repeat, then we'll draw again.  If you've completed 14 minutes and you draw a 5 minute T pace workout...looks like you're doing 19 minutes of hard effort! Gotta add a little bit of an edge here somehow, ya know!?

We'll be sure everyone gets a good warm-up and cool-down in on either side.

Also, since it's been so hot, please remember to bring a water bottle to have at the track during your workout. Last week was warm and I even felt parched although I was only gimping around and taking photos!

Saturday Trail Run
This Saturday is the Wild Iris Mountain Run! If you aren't familiar with the race, there is a 5k, 10k or 21k option and it promises to be a great time! We hope you'll be able to make it out!

Other Events
Lander local, Eric Concannon has set up an orienteering course out at Johnny Behind the Rocks as a training tool for folks running the Cowboy Tough race in mid-July. Eric was kind enough to offer an informational session on orienteering if folks are interested. So, if you think timed navigation by map and compass over a fixed course (while running) is something of interest to you, we can bring Eric in after next week's workout to give us a quick run-down on orienteering and the course he set up at Johnny, which he expects to remain up for about another month. Let me know by Wednesday if it's something you're interested in.

If you haven't yet signed the sign-up sheet and waiver, please catch me at the workout and let's make sure to get that taken care of.

I think that's it for now!

Cheers, friends and thanks for tuning in!


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