Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Miles and Smiles and Timed Trials!

Whoa! Is it seriously July already?!

We hope you're all stoked on the Lander 4th festivities. We're looking forward to Friday morning races/pancakes/parade ourselves! 

With a week packed so full of festivities, we thought we might as well make the whole thing a party! And by "make it a party," we're talkin' the most highly anticipated LRC event of the year (which may or may not include you probably/definitely wearing the most awesome costume you can dig out of that closet of yours, because why not?)

Wednesday Workout
Since most folks are probably (we hope) looking to run a race Friday morning, this is the perfect time to take the workout mileage down a notch and finally get in that mile timed trial we've been talking so much about! Yippee!

Now hold your horses there, I can already hear the horrified gasps from some of you. I want to emphasize that this is NOT A BIG DEAL nor is it something to get worked up about. Rather, it's an excellent opportunity to check in with yourself while also sticking to a taper for the race you're about to do on Friday. Instead of coming to the track and doing the normal 15 to 20 minutes of hard effort, we're going to stick with something more like 5.5. to 11 minutes - or however long it takes you to carry yourself four laps around the track.

Before you decide to chicken out (that's right! I said it!), remember that this is an excellent opportunity for you to come take a pulse on your true mile race-pace and make sure that in the coming weeks of workouts, you're getting in T, R, and I paces that are going to be the most efficient for improving your fitness. If you don't have a good idea of what T, R, or I paces you should be running, you can easily be pushing yourself too hard or not enough - neither of which benefit your training in the long run.

So cast aside those silly worries, dig out those leopard skin leggings and we'll see you at 6:30pm on the track!

Saturday Trail Run
Since most people are going to need Saturday to recover from Friday's racing and festivities (and also because if we're being honest, we're all going camping), we'll cancel the normally scheduled trail run again and look to pick it up again on the 12th. If you do plan on being around Saturday and still want to get out on a run with friends, remember that you can use the Lander Running Club Facebook page to network for running buddies.

We'll see you Wednesday night on the track! And don't forget that the cool kids will be in costume, just sayin'....

Adios for now amigos!

Amber and Evan

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