Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Substitute Teacher


Evan and Amber here, writing you from the decidedly wet and green countryside south of Buffalo, New York. The runs here require a swimstroke with your arms to help you cut through the humid air a bit more efficiently. Seeing as we're here and not there (in Lander), Jenny has kindly volunteered to sub in for us and lead the workout. She's bringing her own lesson plan, and seeing that she is a long-time advocate for corporal punishment in schools, you know there will be some real consequences if you give her any lip.

Wednesday Workout

From Jenny:

I came up with a workout that focuses on total distance rather than time. Runners will have the freedom of choosing their pace, which will then ultimately determine their total rest. All runners will start each set at the same time and location, end at the same location, but not end at the same time. Each run will start "on the minute."

400m, 4 minutes to run + rest
800m, 6 minutes to run + rest
1200m, 8 minutes to run + rest
800m, 6 minutes to run + rest
400m, 4 minutes to run + rest
200m, 2 minutes to run + rest
200m, finished

If a runner was to run at an 8 minute pace, it would take them 2 minutes to run the 400 and have 2 minutes to rest before the start of the 800. If a runner is wanting to focus on speed, they should run faster and have a longer rest. If a runner is looking for overall running fitness, they can run at a slower pace but have less time to rest. 

Saturday Trail Run

We hope you're getting outside and rambling around on all the great trails. 'Tis the season to wander the mountains. Since Amber and I will still be gone. please feel free to use the Facebook page to find some running partners this weekend, but we aren't going to schedule a group run.


Don't forget that the Lander Triathlon is coming up quick! August 9th brings the Sprint Triathlon back again to Lander. If you've never done one, a sprint distance is a great way for a beginner to try one out, and a great gateway drug to the world of triathlons.

Thanks for tuning in, and look forward to seeing you all again next week!

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