Monday, July 21, 2014

Wait! July? Where'd you go?

Hi friends!

Holy moly! Maybe if you stop running so fast, the time will go by more slowly? I can't believe July is almost gone!

I'm going to keep this short and sweet this week, but before I jump right to business - wow! It looks like so many of you crushed it at various venues this past weekend! The Cowboy Tough adventure race took place, as did the Run Like a Bighorn race in Sinks Canyon and a free challenge race put on by the Buffalo Tracks Running Club in Ethete and the Lander Running Club had members at all of them!

Way to represent!

Wednesday Workout
This week, we'll get back on the high school track at 6:30pm. Here's the plan:
Make sure you get a good warm-up - 10 minutes or so of easy running prior to the workout. Then we'll do:
3 x 4 minutes at T pace with 2 minutes rest in between, and
1 x 3 minutes at I pace
Cool down jog for 10 minutes

Saturday Group Run - More local racing happening!
Get on over to Riverton to check out the Parade Day 5k that starts at 7am Saturday morning. If you don't make it over for the 5k, please feel free to coordinate with each other on the LRC Facebook page to meet up for a nice trail run. Winter around here sure makes it tough to pass up an opportunity to get out into the high country while it's warm!

In other news, that's right - here comes some more harassment! We're still hoping for some more LRC Column entries, so if you're thinking about it or dare we say - have a draft written, send it our way and let's get that thing posted! I know this sounds strange, but you might find that it helps your running to write about it. Personally, I notice that I think much more carefully about my running when I analyze it enough to form a coherent story. Maybe it'll do the same for you?

Way to get out there last weekend, friends! See you Wednesday and thanks for tuning in!

Amber and Evan

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