Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Always on the Run!

Yep, it IS that time of the week again!

We had fun mixing it up last week with a fast and challenging hill workout. We'll be back at the track again this week, but Amber and I unfortunately will be unable to make it. Josh Milek, however, has kindly volunteered to blow the whistle and crack the whip in our stead- thanks Josh! Anyway, on to the workout.

ALSO: A kind gentleman from Trail Runner Magazine recently reached out to me, wondering if the club would be interested in a 25% discount on a subscription, making it only $16 for the year. That sounds like a pretty good deal to me. You can check out there most recent digital edition here if you'd like to consider it! I'll be getting our own discount link soon, but if we get 20+ signups we get 2 bonus subscriptions to use as prizes for events later! More info to come soon.

Workout Wednesday

We'll slow it down a little bit this week and get you a nice bit of lactic acid buildup. T-pace it is! Remember that Threshold (T) Pace is somewhere between your 10k and half marathon pace. Comfortably hard. Use the pace calculator under Runner Resources if you want to get scientific about it!

3 x 5 min at T pace with 90 seconds rest between sets
and finish with 4 x 100m or 20sec strides

Upcoming Events
The Jackson Hole Marathon and Half Marathon is this coming Saturday, August 30th. I know of at least one LRC member that is running it- give Kevin a slap on the hiney for good luck.

If you're keen to test your mountain biking skills, don't forget that the Lander Cycling Club's Jurassic Classic is coming up next weekend on Saturday, September 6th!

All for now!

Happy Trails from the Lander Running Club

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