Monday, August 11, 2014

Farmer Fred Fest 2014

Welcome welcome welcome once again!

Before I get to the nitty gritty on this week's workout, I have a special event to share with you. Following this week's Workout Wednesday (which will start at 6 pm instead of the normal 6:30!), Farmer Fred is generously hosting a swim and cookout (Farmer Fred Fest 2014?)! Anyway, it's going to be great. Bring the kids but leave the dogs at home (there are sheep lives to think about. Here is a note from the host himself:

I'm planning to host the runners and their families after the workout Wednesday for a river swim and cookout.  Everyone is welcome; if someone shows up for the first time and wants to come as well GREAT!  I'm hoping that those who have children will have them come.
For those who are swimming they should bring a pair of old shoes as the bottom is rocky in places and people do fish here so there could be hooks etc.  A towel as well and a change of clothes or something to slip on over suit when finished . . . it is getting cooler in the evenings.
It will be difficult for everyone to change inside; I have a small outside building that can be used for changing as well.  Although the river has slowed and not as full as it has been, there is always concerns with children; so PLEASE BRING A LIFE JACKET FOR CHILDREN.
I should have plenty of things for the cookout, especially vegetables.  I'll plan to grill some hamburgers and hot dogs as well but if people want something else they could bring it.  It would be helpful if folks brought a lawn chair and drinks as well.  Because we have children and possibly the CWC runner it would be best to have drinks nonalcohol.  But, I won't be policing this and am not opposed to folks drinking in moderation.
Of course, there will be no shortage of vegetables - so we'll plenty to eat.  I'll plan to make some cole slaw, summer squash, and steam some greens. 
So there you heard it, get ready to eat some tasty veggies and splash in the river Wednesday evening. Fred is a generous guy, but I'd suggest we treat it as a bit of a pot luck and bring some of our own food too!

Workout Wednesday
***Workout will begin 30 minutes early this week, at 6:00pm (to allow more daylight for Farmer Fred Fest 2014)

(1 x 4 min + 2 min rest) (2 x 3 min + 90 sec rest) +  (2 x 2 min + 90 sec rest) all at I pace

We'll get those lungs and hearts working hard before we head over to Fred's for a dip in the river and some recovery vegetables

Saturday Trail Run

We are admittedly being bad trail running hosts lately, but as most of you know, life has its ways of getting in the way of your running. I have family visiting right now and will likely be out of town this weekend. I encourage you to get out and explore the mountains before the snow comes again (too soon!). Please feel free to use the Facebook page to find running partners if you like.

All for now!
Happy Trails from the Lander Running Club

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