Monday, September 22, 2014

Fast and Faster!

Greetings friends!

Thanks for tuning in and we hope you're having a great week so far. Last week's workout was in perfect weather, we had a great turnout AND we had more new faces *don't mind me, I'm just doing a happy dance.*

Though the weather is nice and we still have some more weekends with local 5ks coming up, we just want to keep putting that bug in your ear so you don't think we've forgotten about our Saturday trail runs. Those will be coming your way again soon as the temperatures drop and we all find ourselves in need of a little more motivation to drag ourselves out of warm beds and out for a run.

Gosh the memories of Fairfield hill with frozen eyelashes in light snow actually sounds kind of appealing right now (uh...did I just say that out loud?). Anyway, enough of my gabbing. Here's the plan for this week:

Wednesday Workout
This week we're going to start fast then get faster! Look out. It's gonna be great. LVHS track, 6:30 pm.

4 x (3 min I pace, 2 min recovery)
4 x (45 sec R pace, 90 sec recovery)

For anyone who needs it, check out an explanation of pacing on the blog page, Runner Resources, and get an estimate of what your pacing should be with the RunSmartProject Pace Calculator.

Upcoming Events
Saturday, Oct 4 Ta Ta Trot Run 8:00 am, Casper
For your entertainment: Liam after
one of those wintery Fairfield runs...
Saturday, Oct 4 Reader's 5k Run/Walk 9:00 am, Lander Library - Let's increase this year's turnout!
Saturday, Nov 1 Pumpkin Run 10:00 am, Riverton High School
Saturday, Nov 8 Help for Hospice Run, Riverton
Thursday, Nov 27 Turkey Trot 8:00 am, Riverton

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