Monday, September 29, 2014

Happy October! See you at 6:00 PM

Hi running buddies!

LRC Member, Jenny Joyes enjoying Fall colors
on the Stough Creek Trail
I don't know about you all, but running this time of year is just especially great and it isn't only for the sake of milder temperatures. The urge to smile is unstoppable when I get to move through the brilliant oranges, yellows and reds, with the smell of fall in the air, hearing the crunch of leaves under each step and deliberately soaking in of the last drops of sunlight from each shortening day. Fall running in the Winds - even when winter's overzealousness sometimes closes the window of opportunity prematurely - is something to behold.

So in the spirit of celebrating fall (and, well...because we do this every week) let's go run!

Wednesday Workout
So about that whole shortening day at the LVHS track as usual, but we're moving the workout up starting this week to 6:00 PM. Eventually, we'll still be running in the dark, but hopefully the timing will work better for folks to make the workout and still get the kids to bed at a decent hour for school in the morning. Here's the plan for this week: 

2 x (6 min T pace, 1 min rest) followed by
4 x (2 min I pace, 90 sec rest)

As always, please make sure you get in a good warm up and cool down (at least 10 minutes of easy jogging on either end). Your body will thank you.

Upcoming Races
Don't forget about these upcoming races and make special note that the Reader's 5k is this Saturday!

Saturday, Oct 4 Reader's 5k Run/Walk 9:00 am, Lander Library - Let's increase this year's turnout!
Saturday, Nov 1 Pumpkin Run 10:00 am, Riverton High School
Saturday, Nov 8 Help for Hospice Run, Riverton
Thursday, Nov 27 Turkey Trot 8:00 am, Riverton

I think that about covers it for this week. Have fun out there and we'll see you on the track!


Amber and Evan

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