Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Let's not talk about the weather.

Seriously. I'm not ready to talk about summer in memorium yet.

Amber and I had a pleasant couple days in the Winds this last weekend, though it felt decidedly wintry at times. No speak of the weather. We hope everyone managed to get out and enjoy the long weekend regardless of that which we do not name!

First things first, I hope everyone will head over to the LRC Column to read a great new post from LRC member Anne Even titled, "Why do you run?" It is something that I have given a lot of thought to over the years, and I'm sure Anne's introspective writing will inspire some reflection for you as it did for me.

Now, on to this week's workout.

Workout Wednesday
Let's pick up the pace a little bit from last week with a little I and R pace work. We're getting sharp for that fall racing season!

4 x (3 minutes I pace, 2 minutes rest) + 4 x (30 sec R pace, 90 sec rest)

See you at 6:30.

Upcoming Events
This weekend, Saturday, Sept 9th is Lander Cycling's Jurassic Classic, a mountain bike race with a flavor for everyone. Check it out!

ALSO this weekend:
Friday (sort of the weekend) is the Health Fair 1 Mile Walk at the Blue Sky Hall at 9am
Saturday NIGHT is the Show Your Glow 5k in Riverton. More here: "Saturday at the Riverton High School Parking Lot for the Shoshoni Recreation District. Check in is at 7:30 pm and the run starts at 8 pm. Rate is $25. Dress up in Glow in the dark or light up attire...Glow sticks are the best. Cash Prizes!"
AND if any of your are headed to Casper this weekend, or have a strange love for zombies like I may, check out the Casper Zombie 5k on Saturday at 10am

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