Monday, October 13, 2014

Fall Harvest Success!

Runners heading out at Saturday's Fall Harvest 5k
Well would'ya look at that!

Saturday's First Annual Fall Harvest 5k to benefit the Lander Farmer's Market and the Lander Running Club was an incredible success. We can't thank those people enough who either showed up to run, contributed to the post-race feast, and/or volunteered their time Saturday morning to help make it happen. We had twenty-one 5k runners, a dozen little dudes and dudettes running the 1k and an even greater number that turned out to show their support.

You are all amazing.

If you didn't hear about it or weren't able to make it, our apologies. It's probably at least partially because while hosting a 5k has been on our mind for a good bit, we only really committed and began actively planning this a week out (I think that's called procrastination?). But we intend to make this race an annual deal, so watch out 2015! You can expect an even bigger event next year.

Cristina Gonzalez (foreground) and Krista Snyder
in the fall leaves on Saturday
We especially want to thank Farmer Fred for loaning us his tent, tables, giant crock pots, and for providing homemade sauerkraut and sausage, coleslaw, and beef stew for the post-race chow-down! Wild Iris Mountain Sports kindly donated several items for finishers' prizes and Mr. D's generously provided an entire corner of their parking lot and water for the finish. We must also note that the beautiful fall leaves ya'll ran through on the course before entering City Park were in Mr. and Mrs. Sniffin's front yard. We can't thank them enough for granting us last-minute permission to run on their property.

And the wee ones are off! Man, I wish I had that energy.
All in all, the race earned a grand total of $270 after expenses to be split between LRC and the Lander Farmers' Market. Not bad. Not bad at'all! We're looking into some stylin' club t-shirts, we'll have more on that as we know it.

In addition to a successful race, we met quite a few new faces and were greeted with some refreshing enthusiasm from the community. If you're one of these bright new faces we met Saturday (and even if you couldn't make it that day), we sincerely hope to see you on the track soon! And bring a friend! Remember that LRC is a community for all types of runners. If you're fast, awesome! If you're just starting out, awesome! If you're the run-walk type, amazing! We design our workouts to be inclusive and effective for everyone. A great coach of mine used to hammer the fact that speed is relative. What constitutes "fast" for you might be different than what's "fast" for the next person. It doesn't matter if you come to the workout and your first or your last, that's not the point. The point is to challenge yourself and push yourself to improve your own running, whatever that might mean for you.

Speaking of the track. Here's what we're planning on for this week:

Wednesday Workout
Meet at the LVHS track at 6pm and be sure you get a 10-15 minute warm-up jog. This week is all about speed!

5 x 2 minutes @ I pace (90 seconds rest) 
4 x 1 minute @ R pace (2 minutes rest)

**I'll note that having just completed a 5k, now is probably a good time to re-check those I and R paces on the Jack Daniels pace calculator. R pace can be especially (unnecessarily) painful for a whole minute if it's not true R pace (e.g. when we all essentially sprint the "R pace" section because the workout only calls for 30 second intervals). 1 minute intervals will keep us a little more honest.

Make sure you get in a good cool down run after this one (15 minutes or so)

From the bottom of our hearts, thanks again for helping not only to make last Saturday a success, but for helping to make the Lander Running Club a success as well.

Cheers and much gratefulness from your friends at LRC,

Amber and Evan

The full list of the Fall Harvest 5k results can be found here. Race photos are here. And you can watch our slideshow here

Congrats to Saturday's female awardees! From left to right:
Kira Gilman, Kyah Flom, and Lisa Applehans.
Heidi Allen is not pictured.
Our top 3 male finishers from left to right were:
Josh Milek, Scott Groenke, and Curtis Tronolone

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