Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Happy Halloween!

Hello there!

Holy cow it is almost Halloween! And almost the end of October?! And daylight savings time is Sunday?! Too much to handle.

Also too much to handle are Amber and my work schedules. We are both going to be gone for work tomorrow and will miss the workout. As of right now, we don't have anyone to fill in for whistle-blowing duties, so if you're not feeling like running or want to throw a friend under the bus [read: WE NEED A VOLUNTEER TO COACH TOMORROW!], let us know at landerrunning@gmail.com or on the facebook page.

The Tour d'Coop was a bunch of fun with some of Lander's biggest running enthusiasts, even if the total turnout was a little on the lean side. Already talk of big plans for next year, and I'm personally excited to see LocalFest and the Tour d'Coop grow and continue into the future.

Wednesday Workout
Well, whether there is someone to replace us or not, hopefully you'll run the workout anyway- bring a watch with you just in case!
Meet at 6pm at the LVHS track. This week's workout is my take on a stolen idea of a 5k superset, The faster running comes first to make your 5k pace feel "easier". It's going to be great.

4 x [1 min R pace + 30 sec rest + 3 min I pace, 3 min rest]

Sidenote: We are planning to re-institute the Saturday trail runs, but in a new format. We want to set up a sheet where people sign up each week to lead a trail run wherever they please. This way it won't be dependent on Amber and my schedules. We'll pull this together soon, but if you're looking for trail running buddies in the mean time, bring it up at the track, or post to the Facebook page. We need to take advantage of this beautiful fall!

All for now!


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