Tuesday, October 7, 2014

LRC's First Annual Fall Harvest 5k Is This Saturday!

Good morning, friends!

Boy do we have some good stuff for you this week. Not the least of which is LRC's very first Fall Harvest 5k! We're excited to start an annual race to benefit our beloved Lander Farmer's Market and the Lander Running Club.

Registration for Saturday's event starts at 9:15 at the Farmer's Market on the corner of 7th and Main in Lander. The 5k race starts at 10am and the kids' 1k starts at 11am. Prize money (amount dependent upon the number of entrants) will go to the 1st place female and male 5kers.

Just a few reasons why supporting the local farmer's market and LRC are good ideas: Local food is where it's at! We know where it came from, who grew it, and it's more sustainable than buying those raspberries that were shipped from Mexico. Our local farmers and ranchers work hard to bring you good quality, local foods. Let's help them out by letting them know that we support their hard work and want to keep it coming!

We work hard at LRC to bring you weekly newsletters, blog posts and custom workouts among other great things (like securing some sweet club t-shirts through Sea Level Sucks!). We can only do so much on our own and we want LRC to stay free to anyone who wants to join, so the more support we have, the harder LRC can work for you.

On to this week's workout!

Wednesday Workout
Get in a ten to fifteen minute warm-up jog and meet at the LVHS track at 6pm. This week, we're gettin' a little of everything.

5 min. T-pace (2 min rest)
4 min I-pace (2 min rest)
3 min I-pace (90 seconds rest)
3 x 1 min R-pace (full rest in between)

Be sure to get in a 10-15 minute cool-down (we wouldn't want you to be all seized up for Saturday's race!)

That's all for now! See you on the track and again at the Farmer's Market on Saturday!


Your good friends at the Lander Running Club

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