Sunday, November 9, 2014

Darkness descends and workouts move to 5:30pm

Last week was our first workout back in the dark
Hi there!

Well that was it, our descent into darkness for Wednesday workouts has happened. It was nice knowin' ya sun! We'll see you again in April...or something. This is the time of year that company to get us out the door is especially awesome, so thanks for being a part of LRC!

The high on Wednesday is supposed to be something like 10 degrees, but that's ok, because exclusive warm-weather running is for wimps. Since the temperatures at this point seem non-life threatening, if uncomfortable, we'll take 'em! Grab those extra layers and here's what we've got going on this week:

Tuesday Morning Ladies' Run
Bundle up, ladies! It might be snowing on us. We'll meet at 6am in the pool parking lot on 9th Street for a nice and easy morning run. We can decide what timing works for most of us as the weeks go on, but to start, let's aim for 45 minutes. If you need to cut-out at 30 minutes or want to go for an hour, no problem! There will likely be someone willing to join you. As always, don't worry about what your pace might be compared to everyone else, these runs are meant for everyone. We'll have a little pre-run chit chat to get a sense of how everyone's feeling that morning and what ya'll are feeling up to. See you there!

Wednesday Workout
There's probably a good chance the track will be a little icy Wednesday evening, so let's shoot for some hills instead. We'll still meet at the LVHS track, note that we've bumped the time up to 5:30, and from there, we'll jog over to Cascade for some hill repeats. We'll do 10 x 45 seconds with a couple of minutes rest/jog in between.

Last Saturday's run at JBR
Saturday Trail Run
Let's meet at 8:30am out at The Bus. If you are interested in carpooling, please feel free to network on our Facebook page. Also, if you're interested in leading a trail run (not necessarily in the literal sense of being up front) let us know where and what weekend. Evan and I won't be around every weekend, so the more people that can take the lead on some Saturdays, the better!

Upcoming Runs
Just another reminder to mark your calendars. LRC will be hosting an informal 5 mile Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving morning. The run will start at 8am from City Park (the parking lot on Fremont St.). $5 donations to LRC are encouraged. There will be some light snackage at the finish.

That's all for now! See the ladies Tuesday morning and everyone else on Wednesday!


Your friends at LRC

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