Monday, November 17, 2014

Ladies' Run on your own, Hills, and FAIRFIELD!

Sweet edit of fall and winter trails at The Bus from
LRC member Cindy Hayford!
Happy Monday!

We hope you all enjoyed your weekends. We know we did! The delayed trail run was very enjoyable – warm even! Thanks, Cindy!

Just another reminder that we’re looking for folks to volunteer to “lead” trail runs on Saturdays. Any Saturday! If you let us know in the bottom-right "contact us" form here before Monday the week-of, you can pick the location too. That way the trail runs can still go if Evan and I aren’t in town. You can also just email us at

Here’s what we’ve got for you this week:

Tuesday morning ladies’ run
I won’t be around this Tuesday. I’ll instead be in Casper – lovely, cold Casper – for work. Feel free to meet up anyway – I hope you will! 6am in the pool parking lot. I think a 30-45 minute group run seems to work for most, but you can decide depending on how the people who show up are feeling.

Wednesday Workout
Let’s shoot for those hills again. Meet at the LVHS track at 5:30, we’ll do a warm-up jog over to Cascade for another shot at those 10 x 45 second hills we were going to do last week.

Another photo from Saturday's run by Cindy Hayford
Saturday Trail Run
Oh boy! Back to our favorite winter trails again. Let’s do the Fairfield Hill this Saturday – meet at the pullout in Sinks Canyon at 9am! If you’re unsure where that is, it’s the next right hand pullout after the main climbing area parking with the bathroom. Please use the Facebook page to network if you’d like to carpool or if you have additional questions!

As always, we usually do the whole loop, which takes around 75 minutes, but you can absolutely make it an out and back if you’d like to go shorter.

Thanksgiving Turkey Trots!
Don’t forget! For those of you in town this Thanksgiving, LRC is hosting an informal 5-mile Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving at 8am. It starts and finishes at City Park. Five dollar donations to LRC are encouraged, but not mandatory. Let’s get out and get the heart-rate up before diving into all of that food!

Also, the Eastern Shoshone Boys' and Girls' Club is hosting a 5k and 10k Turkey Trot this Saturday afternoon, Nov. 22nd at 2pm. Entry is free and you get a t-shirt! The run starts at the Boys' and Girls' Club and ends at Rocky Mountain Hall. Thanks for the heads up, Eric!

As a side-note, we want to spread the word about LRC. If you come to one of the runs, we'd love it if you snapped a picture and posted it to social media tagging LRC! We'd love for the word to spread further about our group! The more we can get to come out into the cold with us, the merrier ;)

Cheers, friends! Have fun Tuesday morning, ladies and we'll see you Wednesday!

Your friends at LRC, 

Amber and Evan.

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