Tuesday, November 4, 2014

LRC Turkey Trot, Ladies' Morning Runs and More!

Liam enjoying fall temperatures at The Bus
Greetings friends!

The colder temps (and holiday season) are officially settling in and as promised, we're ramping up the motivation to get out the door.

LRC's 5 mile Turkey Trot
Mark your calendars and remember to set the alarm clock on Thanksgiving morning. LRC will be hosting an informal 5 mile Turkey Trot at 8am. We'll start and finish at City Park (in the parking lot on Fremont St.). Five dollar donations will be encouraged to help cover costs of post race snackage/drinks and as another booster for LRC. We'll send out other reminders in the coming weeks, but this will largely be word of mouth. So, tell your friends!

Ladies' Tuesday Morning Runs
That's right, the urge for "no boys allowed" hasn't left my system since the childhood days of building forts in the backyard with my best friends and posting signs to keep the brothers out. I'm gonna assume this is also still the case for most ladies.

We can certainly adjust these based on interest and days of the week and times that work for people, but to get us started here's the plan: We'll start next Tuesday, November 11th. Meet in the pool parking lot on 9th at 6am. These will be low key morning runs to get the blood pumping. People can adjust the distance and pace to suit their needs. The idea is to have some accountability to get out of bed and some conversation to make the early hour and the chill a little better.

Saturday Trail Runs
They'rrree Baaack! Let's meet in the Johnny Behind the Rocks parking lot at 8:30 am. Remember, these runs are completely flexible and can be whatever you make them both pace and distance-wise.

Don't forget to network on the LRC Facebook page if you're interested in carpooling.

Wednesday Workout
Meet at the LVHS parking lot at 6pm Wednesday Nov. 5th. Make sure you get in a a10 or 15 minute warm-up. Here's what we've got:

3 x 5 minutes at T pace with 1 minute rest in between
6 strides on the grass

That about covers it. We're stoked to be ramping up the winter running festivities and look forward to having such great company through the winter months!

See you Wednesday,

Amber and Evan

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