Monday, December 15, 2014


I'm lovin' it.
I mean, if we're going to have winter, we might as well have some of the white fluffy stuff, right? It cushions the falls.

Huge thanks to Lindsay and Travis for leading the trail run this past Saturday! The scenery is no doubt a little different now, and we sure are grateful you all got out for what looks to be a beautiful morning for a run. (Thanks for the great photos, too!)

Tuesday Morning Ladies Run
Amber is not going to make it tomorrow morning, but encourages everyone to get out for a nice snowy run without her. Watch for ice!

Workout Wednesday
Due to the fluff on the track, we're headed for the hills!

Let's meet at the track at 5:30 pm and jog over to the intersection of Cascade and Garner as a group (or feel free to meet us there as well!) We'll do our go-to hill workout:

10 x (30 sec on + 2 minutes rest)

These are short, hard efforts that help build strength and efficiency- great to get you ready for a big spring and summer of running.

Saturday Trail Run
I'm betting any snow that's in the sun most of the day is going to be gone by the weekend. That's just my guess though. Let's meet at Bruce's parking lot at 9 am at the back end of Sinks Canyon and run up the loop road switchbacks. This is a great opportunity to do a harder uphill tempo effort run. If anyone is feeling especially randy, they could make a loop back to the parking lot via the Catalyst trail.

Thanks for tuning in, and see you out there!

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