Monday, January 26, 2015

Beautiful weather and a full week of runs with LRC!

Hi there!

How about these warmer temps?! I, for one, am excited not to be freezing my face off while simultaneously trying not to break my 26 year old hip on one of the many ice patches that lie between me and my 10 am cup of coffee at the Lander Bake Shop. Can't we all, for once in a winter, have the opportunity to walk down the street in a fashion that looks less like we unexpectedly walked onto an ice skating rink!?

But alas' it's winter and I'll stop my ranting and get on with what you're really here for: This week's runs!

We have the gamut for you this week. Check it out!

Tuesday morning Ladies' Run
Let's meet in the pool parking lot at 6am! We'll shoot for the normal 30-40 minutes so folks can get back for their coffee and breakfast before work.

Wednesday Workout
Meet at the LVHS Track at 5:30 pm, we'll do our warm-up jog over to Welch for 8 x 45 second hills. If you meet us at the hill, that's perfectly fine, just make sure - for your own sake - that you're still getting in a good warm-up!

Saturday Trail Run
How about a trip to Johnny! 9 am at the trailhead parking lot. We haven't been out there in a while and it never fails to provide us with a good mid-winter adventure. Come prepared for some possible post-holing and if we're lucky, a little mud sliding. Also, if you're into multi-tasking like I am, I never regret bringing my camera for a few winter running or just plain gorgeous landscape shots. Should be fun!

If you're interested in carpooling, please network on the Facebook page. It's a good 28 mile drive round-trip, so we're always happy not to take a car per person if we can avoid it.

Thanks guys, and we'll see you out there!

Amber and Evan

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