Monday, January 12, 2015

Ladies' Morning Run and Saturday Trail Run Cancelled, Hills on Garner Drive

The Trudge
Good evening all!

Sorry for the many cancellations lately, we've got a lot goin' on! But mostly it's fun stuff, so we're not complaining.

Saturday's trail run at The Bus was adventurous! Just the way we like it. We're certainly used to post-holing in the snow through the winter, but this particular day, the snow had a more clever defense system - a layer of sharp, hardened crust to make sure we were punished for disturbing its serene and undisturbed surface. There was lots of trudging to be had, but the bruises on my (and I'm sure others') lower legs and Liam's gory front legs tell it best.

Ladies' Morning Run - Cancelled
Amber has to drive to Casper early Tuesday morning for work so the ladies' run is cancelled. Of course, feel free to meet up without her!

Wednesday Workout
5:30 pm - meet at the LVHS track
We'll do a warm-up over to Garner Drive for some more hill repeats--12 x 30 seconds! We know what you're thinking, hills can get monotonous, but it gives us the safest option when the busy (Ha! Okay, it's Lander, but by busy I guess I mean regular traffic) roads are icy and dark and the track has a foot plus of snow on it.  Besides, THEY'RE GOOD FOR YA!

Poor Liam. All bloodied up. 
Saturday Trail Run - Cancelled (Unless you want to lead it)
Not to rub it in or anything, but we're going skiing! So no formal trail run this week. If someone wants to lead in our stead, shoot us a quick email or text and we can turn it back on. Just tell us when and where!

That's all we have for now. See you Wednesday night!


Amber and Evan

It was a beautiful day!

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