Monday, February 23, 2015

Croissants and Bacon and Running.

Hi LRCers!

Amber started writing this post, but I swapped in when she offered to make dinner instead. She's putting the flavor in the food, and I'm bringing the flavor to the blog post.


Forecast of 10 degrees and dense fog = a whole lot of suck. Or BRRR, if you'd rather. Stay home and eat some extra bacon for warmth.


We're going to the hills! Meet at the high school at 5:30 pm, or meet us over at the bottom of Garner hill at about 5:45. 12 reps of fun at 30 seconds a piece.


Amber and I are planning to get the hell out of town again this weekend because, well, IT'S AMBER'S BIRTHDAY WEEKEND. It's looking like it will be a snowy one, so maybe the Bus or the Fairfield Hill Loop would be a good option, but we're not going to be there to lead it.
Flaky like a croissant! NOMNOMS

We are flaky lately, no? If some hardy, stoic individual wants to lead a group run on their favorite
snowy trail this weekend, let one of us know and we can send out an email and post it on Facebook. We are only going to nicely ask for volunteers for so long, then we'll have to resort to public shaming.

...I'm looking forward to it.

Happy Trails!
Evan and Amber

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