Monday, February 9, 2015

Summer is here!


But for real, it's really nice outside. We hope everyone is getting outside and enjoying some balmy temperatures and sun shine! I'm making this post quick because, well, I can. Bam.

Tuesday Morning Ladies Run

Amber isn't going to make it to the run at whatever godawful hour you all usually run at because she is going to be in car headed to The Promised Land...Casper, WY. We hope that you all choose to suffer  run tomorrow morning anyway!

Workout Wednesday

I haven't looked, but I'm pretty confident the track should be free and clear of snow. If it's not, we'll just make you all shovel for an hour. The workout:

1 x 5 min T pace
2 x 3 min I pace
4 x 1 min R pace

That's a mixed bag workout, meaning we're starting fast and getting faster. It'll be great, don't worry about it. See you there.

Saturday Trail Run

Amber and I are going to be in Jackson, so we'll just propose that folks get out and run up the sunny side of Sinks Canyon. Let us know if someone wants to take the lead on the run and we can let everyone else know, but otherwise, how 'bout you wake your lazy butts up at 8 am, eat a banana, and go for an hour and a half run up Fairfield Hill, and then you can go home and eat all the pancakes and bacon you want.

Okay? Okay.

Have fun, and we'll see you out there somewhere.

Happy Trails!

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