Monday, March 30, 2015

Here's the Deal.

We're getting a little literal with that title this week. We recently had folks reach out to us from The North Face Endurance Challenge race series, and they were wondering if Lander had any trail runners. Naturally, I said no, we only run roads here, and he can keep his hippy trail sports to himself.

That last sentence was a lie.

They were kind enough to offer LRC 15% off of any of their race distances, and you bet your arse you should take advantage of it! I'm hoping to myself ;) Race info:

The North Face Endurance Challenge Utah offers trail running races include: 50M, 50K, Marathon, Marathon Relay, Half Marathon, 10k and 5k.  The course cruises through the trails of Park City Mountain Resort, offering a mix of terrain and elevation!

When: September 26-27
Where: Park City Mountain Resort
Discount: LANDERRC15 (15% off)

There you have it! Turns out that code will also get you discounts at their Wisconsin and Ontario, Canada events in case you get a bit of the travel bug, and I'd bet that we could finagle a discount for other locations if you were interested- just let us know! Please feel free to share with family and friends. Let's rep Lander well in September!

So now that you're signed up for the race, I guess we better start running, right?

Workout Wednesday

Meet at the LVHS track at 5:45. This is going to be a fartlek-type workout. I'm (Evan, specifically) is going to blow the whistle sporadically to make you run fast or slow. No, I'm not kidding. It's going to be challenging and fun. The fun part might mostly be for me. You will be alternating between easy running (E-pace) or walking and your threshold/T-pace.

Saturday Trail Run

Let's meet at the bottom of Fairfield Hill road at 9 am. We'll run up the singletrack on climber's right to start the loop, and if folks are feeling ambitious, we can continue contouring on out toward Pete's Lake.

That's all for now. Get out and play!

Happy Trails,

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