Monday, April 27, 2015

75 Degrees and an LRC Trail Race on the Calendar!

Happy Monday, LRCers!

We bring you happy news this week! Remember how we've been talking about an LRC trail race for like, ever, and you've all come to just smile while thinking to yourself "yeah...ummm...if you'd actually pull the trigger on that one, that'd be great." Well guess what!? We finally did!

Check out the course(s) and register here for the Sinks Canyon Rough and Tumble Trail Runs on June 6th (we're half lying with that name because while the second half is on trail, the first half is hauling your booty all the way up the Loop Road! Muahahaha!). But seriously, we are super stoked to have an LRC trail race on the calendar and we would absolutely love it if you shared this far and wide. If you can't run it, but still want to be there, we could use (actually we need) some volunteers. Maybe you need volunteer hours for another race you want to do, or maybe you just want some good
A little preview of the Rough and Tumble Course!
race karma; we'd be ever so grateful!

Think about it, and in the meantime, on to this week's running adventures!

Wednesday Workout
Well would'ya look at that! Wednesday is looking like a high of 75 degrees. You can bet your Friday beer on the patio that we're going to make the most it!

Meet at the LVHS track at 5:45 pm and either get your warm-up in on the way over or jump right into a couple of warm-up laps to get the heart pumping. We're doing a whistle-blowing mystery fartlek workout at I-pace. You're gonna love it.

Saturday Trail Run
There are a couple of local 5ks in Riverton this Saturday and the timing looks like you could do both if you were feeling ambitious! Check them out! Here's some info directly from the race organizers:

Tutu 5k - hosted by Room to Dance as a fundraiser - Race starts at 10am at the Riverton Volunteer Fire Department Station Drill Field- Sunset & College View Dr. Registration is $20.

Color 5k, hosted by Wind River High School Spanish Club to help sponsor their trip to Costa Rica - The run starts and ends in the CWC arts center parking lot. Registration opens at 8 am, and the run starts at 9am. "You can pre-register online on Registration includes a t-shirt and a guaranteed good time!"

**While we encourage folks to make it over to the race(s), we also understand if you don't want to/don't think you will travel to Riverton. For those folks, let's meet at Popo Agie Campground (by the swinging bridge), 9am. We'll mix it up this week and run on the Nature Trail!

That's all for now! See you Wednesday night!

Amber and Evan

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