Monday, April 13, 2015


NOTE: WORKOUT WEDNESDAY CANCELLED DUE TO SNOW (yes, the warm weather has made us soft)

Hello again to most of you, and hello for the first time to the lucky folks that signed up this weekend at the expo! We'd love to see some new faces out at the track or for a trail run, so we hope you can join us soon.

The expo was lots of fun, and it was great to be out and talking to folks about running. It was especially fun having a table next to Farmer Fred, whose sauerkraut and grass fed lamb were selling like hotcakes. Sauerkraut and lamb hotcakes. mmmm.

Anyway, on to this week's deets:

Workout Wednesday- CANCELLED
Meet at the LVHS Track at 5:45 pm and get in a couple of warm-up laps on your own. We'll do a mixed bag workout this week, with the intervals getting shorter and faster as we go:

1 x 5 min T pace
2 x 3 min I pace
4 x 1 min R pace

If you don't know what those mean, don't worry about it! We'll go over it at the track. If you'd like to learn more about the training and paces we use in the meantime, head over to for descriptions and you can even use a fancy RunSmart pace calculator to figure out the exact paces you should be running for these workouts (based on a recent or estimated race time).

Saturday Trail Run
Amber and I will likely be out of town this weekend. We'll propose a 9 am Saturday rendezvous at the Bus, but if someone wants to take the initiative and lead a run (and choose a different location) just let us know. There is a little snow in the forecast midweek, so some lower desert running might be the safest bet to avoid a lot of mud.

Upcoming Events
Just a reminder to mark your calendars!
Next weekend, April 25th is the Boston Remembrance and Clarlene M. Peil Memorial 5k here in Lander.
May 2nd is the Wyoming State Games 5k and 10k in Casper
May 9th is the Round Up for Remembrance Hospice 5k run/walk in Lander
The Moccassin Lake Challenge is May 23rd and Run the Red is May 30th! In addition to the half marathon, Run the Red has a 23(ish) mile option this year with very limited entry - sign-up now if you want to secure one of the longer spots!

That's all for now, friends! Happy trails.


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