Monday, May 4, 2015

Rough and Tumble Trail Races Registration Open, Track on Wednesday

Hi there, friends!

We hope you enjoyed your weekend and were able to get out and enjoy the summery weather.

Those who came out for Saturday's trail run got a nice preview of a section of the Rough and Tumble Trail Races that are coming up in just ONE MONTH! Both courses sweep down some awesome new single track and should be ripe with wildflowers and snow-free come race day, so don't miss out! Remember, the sooner you register, the better you help us plan for sweet swag and aid stations! The later you register, the more we have to guess on quantiies which gives us massive headaches and Evan lost our Tylenol, so... Also, if you're already registered, keep in mind that the more people we have, the better the prize purse, so share widely and entice your friends with indentured servitude and foot rubs if you must!

One of the amazing views you'll find
at the Rough and Tumble Races June 6th
Wednesday Workout
Let's meet at the track again this week - 6:00PM. Make sure you get warmed up before we start, if you're still getting in warm up laps at 6:02, we're not going to start without you.
5 minutes T-pace (2 min rest)
4 minutes T-pace (90 seconds rest)
2 x 2 minutes I-pace(2 minutes rest)
1 minute R-pace (full rest)
2 x 30 seconds R-pace (full rest)

Saturday Trail Run
Cancelled in favor of a local 5k race.

Local Races
For those interested in 5ks this weekend, there's the Round-up for Rememberance Hospice 5k in Lander.

Registration is from 8:00-8:45 am at Lander City Park. Race starts at 9am.

See you Wednesday night!


Amber and Evan

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