Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Rough and Tumble Volunteers Needed, Registration Prices Go Up Friday!

From the last mile of the Rough and Tumble course!
Hey there, runners!

We're getting so excited! The Rough and Tumble Trail Races are just a week and a half away! That also means that registration prices go up at midnight this Thursday, so shove whoever has been blocking your access to the internets out of the way and make your way to http://ultrasignup.com/register.aspx?did=32789 to register!

We've still got some original Rough and Tumble trucker hats left! Pre-registrants will get them first and when they're gone, they're gone. So lock 'em down!

Additionally, if you aren't going to run the race, but will be in town (maybe a loved one or friend is running?) we could really use volunteers! We need folks to man three aid stations, the registration table, course sweeping and more. Please email us at landerrunning@gmail.com if you can lend a hand! Or if you're reading this in the newsletter, just reply to this email. We promise a fun time and creative compensation for your generosity.

Wednesday Workout
Meet at the LVHS track at 6pm!

We've got another fun one for you this week. How about one of those new fandagled mystery fartlek workouts at I-pace? Boom! I like those. It requires less typing (but I promise there are better reasons for assigning it).

Saturday Trail Run
Cancelled. Amber and Evan will be out of town! The weather looks to be lovely though, so make sure you still get out there!

If you haven't been on it already, we might suggest taking a preview run of all or a portion of the Rough and Tumble course before race day! The map is up on the website, but not all of the trails have apparent names, nor are non-course trails readily visible. So to ameliorate confusion before race-day, where you'll have flagging to follow:
  • Note that the trail portion of the race doesn't take the new Brewer's Trail completely to the bottom of the hill - just after the junction with the first switchback of the Loop Road, you'll come to a Y where you can go straight or left. Go STRAIGHT. 
  • A half mile later, you'll meet the Sinks Canyon Trail, go RIGHT (like you're heading for the Nature Trail)
  • In 0.3 miles you'll come to another Y. Stay LEFT (the other trail takes you onto the Nature Trail in the state park and you don't want that, at least in this case). This is the farthest you'll go down the canyon, from here it's back up the canyon toward Bruce's!
  • Very shortly after the Nature Trail Y, you'll find yourself heading back up the canyon toward Bruce's and the finish line. 
  • The route from here stays on the left-most trails all the way to Bruce's, which means you'll be running next to the river most of the time. 
Upcoming Local Races
We've been very vocal about the Rough and Tumble Races these last few weeks, but there are also a lot of other fun events coming up. Check 'em out! 

Take note!:
Well that's it for this week, friends! See you tomorrow night and/or at the races next week!


Amber and Evan

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