Monday, May 11, 2015

Weird Dreams and Rough and Tumble Trucker Hats

Oh hey! I can take pictures in my dream?
Happy Monday friends! Amber here with your weekly LRC blog. I hope it finds you well!

Whoa. Seriously you guys, I just had the strangest dream. I dreamt that we were in a soaking wet, sunless cave for days and then right before I woke up, Alyssa Rainbolt and I were trying to run the trail on Fossil Hill, but we were trudging through snow up to our knees and we couldn't see very well through the blowing snow and fog. It was like a winter wonderland and a horror story all in one. I say "like a horror story" because...duh, abominable snow men. But it had to have just been a dream, right? Because now it's like 65 degrees and I'm wearing shorts and obviously, that kind of bipolar weather is impossible.

Oh, what's that? That's just Wyoming spring? Well Wyoming "spring," you have a very messed up sense of humor! 

On another note, we're getting  more folks signed up for the Rough and Tumble Trail Races June 6th! Let's keep them coming! We're going to throw it out there that while you'll be able to register up to race day, we need your early registration by this Monday, May 18th to guarantee you a sweet trucker hat on race day. We'll of course order more than we have registrations for, but probably not many more, so there's just no guarantee you'll get one if you're late to the game!

Yeah, yeah, enough talking Amber, what kind of mind-blowing fun do you have cooked up for us this week!? (That's totally what you're thinking, right?) Ah yes...

Wednesday Workout
Meet at the LVHS track at 6pm for some T and R pace intervals.
We're alternating T and R pace this week for some fat burning benies, here's the deal:
Warm-up 10-15 minutes 
3 x [4 min T-pace rolling straight into 1 minute R pace, Rest]
Cool Down 15+ minutes

Saturday Trail Run
For the sake of likely sloppy trails, more rain on the way for Friday and Saturday, and uncertain weekend plans on our end we're going to cancel the trail run this week. If anyone is feeling uber-determined, the Loop Road is always a good alternative if the weather is crumby, even if it's snow covered you're not sliding around and gunking up any beautiful, newly constructed trails.

Also, for those interested, Jackson Elementary is hosting a Color 5k Run starting at Jackson Elementary in Riverton. The race starts at 6pm and it looks like fun!

That's all for this week folks! Don't forget to share the Rough and Tumble Race far and wide and register yourself if you haven't already. As a side note, yes we know some are already doing the Grand Teton Half that day, and that's just the way it goes...we wish there were more weekends in the summer to avoid every race, but alas there are not. Our priority was avoiding the truly local races. We'll hope to see you on June 6th, but if not, best of luck for whatever you're endeavoring to take on that day! 


Amber and Evan

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