Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Wednesday at the Track, High Country Challenge this Weekend!

Hi folks!

We've got a quick one for you this week!

Wednesday Workout
Meet at the LVHS track at 6:30pm and get a good 10 minute warm-up in beforehand.

Unfortunately (I guess I mean that in the best of ways?), Evan and I will be at a Fremont County Recreation Commission event, but LRC member, Katie Everson has graciously offered to blow the whistle while also running the workout - she's talented. This means you might need to consider bringing your own watch this week so you can see your own splits. But someone else will still be cracking the whip! Thanks, Katie!

BONUS: Another LRC member, Kathryn Martin is taking one for the team and BRINGING POPSCICLES! So obviously, we're more than a little upset that we can't be there. You lucky ducks. 

Here's the workout:

6 minutes at T pace followed by 90 seconds rest

5 minutes at T pace followed by 1 minute of rest

2 x 2 minutes at I pace with 2 minutes rest in between these

4-6 building strides on the grass (barefoot if you can)

*Remember that T pace is somewhere between what you current 10k and half marathon pace would be. It's "comfortably hard." You should feel a little out of breath on the first one and a little like you'd want to smack someone if they were talking by the end of the second. ;)
**I pace is your 5-k race pace. It's hard. Imagine what you'd run in the last 10 minutes of a 5k race and do that.
***As always, if you have a recent workout time to work with, you can always use the snazzy runsmart project pace calculator available on our website under the Runner Resources tab to eliminate the guessing. It will tell you what you should be hitting under each pace for a 400 and a 200 etc.

Saturday Trail Run
Cancelled again this week! Get up to the High Country Challenge in Dubois! It sounds like a great time!
Registration starts at 6:45am
15k starts at 7:30am
10k and 5k start at 9:00am and
1k starts at 10:15

Other Events
The Lander Challenge for Charities 4th of July Half Marathon, 5k, and Kids' 1k are coming up FAST! Next week, to be exact. So get those registrations in! Only those who register by June 30th will be guaranteed a t-shirt, or at least one that fits and trust me, you want one this year! You can register here and prices go up next week.

Get out there!

See you guys next week and have a blast on Wednesday and/or Saturday!!


Amber and Evan

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