Wednesday, August 12, 2015

T and I pace, Lander Tri, and Moccasin Lake Challenge coming up!

Good morning, folks!

Hopefully your week is treating you well.

Because we're so late in getting this one out to you, we're just going to hop right to the point.

Wednesday Workout
Meet at the track at 6:30pm, we're working with some T- and I pace efforts today.
2 x 5 min @ T pace
2 x 3 min @ I pace

Upcoming Events
THIS WEEKEND, August 15th, 2015, is the Lander Sprint Triathlon here:
This is Lander's premier (and only!) triathlon. This event is a Lander classic and we should all get out and support the event and our friends at the Tri Club. If you're like us and more likely to drown than finish the swim section, get your friends together and do it as a relay!

Photo from the start of the 2014 MLC
September 5th is the Moccasin Lake Challenge
This year's run is dedicated to our veterans and there will also be flowers that can be carried for Taylor Harris, a teen from Ethete who was taken from this world too soon in a car accident earlier this year. We hope you can make it! 

In other news, Teri Clouser has a transferrable registration to the half marathon at the Monument Marathon in Gering, NE on September 26th and asked us to share that it was available. The registration cost was $55.00, but if you'd like to run and can't afford that, please let us know, Teri is open to negotiation. Thanks, Teri! 

That's all for now. Thanks for tuning in and we'll see you on the track tonight!

Amber and Evan

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