Monday, September 28, 2015

Is it my birthday!?

I only wish I made this.
Hi there, friends!

For the record, it's definitely not my birthday, but if it's yours, this is perfect timing. We've got a special surprise for you this week, but you have to show up to find out what it is. It's like opening a birthday present. Get excited.

Also, phew! Thank you so much for your patience these last few weeks while we got a handle on our lives. We're officially exhausted from our travels and adventures while still maintaining some semblance of a normal work life (because who can afford a lot of vacation time these days? Or something...), but we're mostly caught up on sleep and the luggage explosion in our living room was finally put away this weekend, so we expect to be back to normal soon. We especially want to thank Kathryn Martin for her generous willingness to sub in and blow the whistle when we couldn't make it.

Congratulations to all of you crushers who made your way over to the Pinedale Half Marathon and 10k last weekend. That was some solid work! Not to mention some solid Lander representation!

Here's the plan this week:

Tuesday Workout
Meet at the LVHS track at 5:30pm for a mixed bag workout.
1 X 5 min T pace, 90 seconds rest
1 X 4 min I pace, 2 min rest
2 x 3 min I pace, 2 min rest in between
Cool down with some strides on the grass.

Upcoming Events
This weekend is the Reader's Run 5k and kids' 1 mile. The race starts at the Library Saturday morning at 10am. Registration starts at 9am.

We're still working on organizing the first new and improved Saturday trail run, so keep an eye out for that.

That's all we have for you this week. See you tomorrow night!


Amber and Evan

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