Monday, October 12, 2015

Speed into Fall

Liam says "Yay running! And Fall!"
Hi there LRCers!

Here's what we've got for you this fine Fall week. We wanted to say thanks to those of you who turned up for the NOLS 50th 5-mile Amble last weekend, what a great turnout! With beautiful weather to boot!

Tuesday Workout
Meet at the LVHS track at 5:30, we're picking up the pace this week and doing I and R pace (i.e. 5k race-pace and mile race pace respectively.

4 x 3 minutes at I pace, 2 minutes rest
2 x 1 minute at R pace with full rest in between

We don't know of any races/runs this coming weekend, but we hope you make it out onto the trails. The beauty of fall can be short lived around these parts, so get out and enjoy the colors before the impending wintery winds blow them away. (Cheery, we know. We're not bitter, it's just that summer is awesome, so maybe we're a little bitter.) ;)

See you guys Tuesday night!

Amber and Evan

P.S. LRC members Kevin and Marina are hosting a debate party at their house Tuesday night at 6:30 following the workout. They've invited y'all to come watch the first Democratic debate with them on the big screen (yeah, they borrowed a projector - dang over achievers!) You don't have to cheer for anyone in particular, in case you're worried. Just show up and participate in the democratic process! They're at 273 Amoretti St. They just ask that you bring a dessert and/or drink to share!

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