Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Tempo Pace and a Trail Day!

Hi LRCers!

We've got some fun for you this week. We'll see you at the track on Tuesday and on the trails this Saturday!

Tuesday Workout
Meet at the LVHS Track at 5:30pm. We're doing 3 x 5 minutes at T pace. Make sure you get a good 10-15 minute warm-up in before we start (it's okay if you're still doing warm-up laps at 5:30, we're not going to start without you).

Lend a hand this weekend!
This Saturday, the 24th, is the Sinks Canyon Trail Day, hosted by the Central Wyoming Climber's Alliance. This is a great opportunity to combine a day outside with helping to improve/maintain the single-track we all enjoy so much. And BONUS, you get a free BBQ lunch and a free ticket to the newest Reel Rock Film playing at the Lander Bake Shop at 7:30 that night!

To participate, please come dressed in proper trail work attire (boots or sturdy shoes, long pants, appropriate layers, sunglasses, work gloves), bring a day pack with snacks and water for yourself, and meet at Bruce's Bridge at 9am Saturday morning. If you can, please RSVP at Wyomingclimbers.org (though I'm sure they wouldn't turn down the help if you just showed up, they would probably appreciate a headcount for lunch and tools).

Evan and Amber are both out of town this coming weekend for respective work trips, but be looking for a Saturday group trail run in your future!

We hope you have a great week! See you at the track!

Amber and Evan

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