Monday, November 2, 2015

Sweat off that guilt.

Good evening runners!

Well, assuming everyone survived the weekend of haunts and horrors (and bad dancing? or was that just Amber and I?), we hope you'll join us for another Tuesday workout. It will be a great opportunity to run off whatever candies you so shamelessly stole from your child (or just never gave out to the Trick or Treaters...).

BUT FIRST! Please take 38 seconds to respond to this simple 5 question survey. We'd like to get a gauge for interest in a winter indoor strength/cross-training session to replace some of the dark, -20 degree, icy runs in the middle of winter. Nothing solid here yet, purely gauging interest to see if it is something we should pursue. TAKE THE SURVEY NOW:

Tuesday Trackday
Join us at 5:30 at the LVHS track for another round of oval-running fun!
Let's keep the intensity high again this week.Make sure you get in a warm-up jog before hand, and we'll lead some drills to get everyone loose and springy before we start.

2 x 90 sec R pace (one-mile race pace)
4 x 60 sec R pace
6 x 30 sec R pace

I don't think there are any races coming up this weekend, and it's looking like Amber and I might be out of town as well. If anyone would like to do a group run, please feel free to post to the LRC Facebook page to rally some folks out! The Bus and Johnny Behind the Rocks are really nice on these cooler days, if a bit dusty in places.

Happy Trails!
Evan and Amber

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