Monday, November 30, 2015

Welcome Back to Winter Adaptation! Yoga anyone?

"Brrrr! Keep running! Why are you stopping!?"
Happy Monday everyone!

We hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. We enjoyed a few days in southwestern Wyoming with Amber's parents and even got out onto a couple of frigid ridgelines around Green River for some Turkey Day exercise. There's something about the wind around there, you know? We're pretty sure it has anger problems. Like, why do you have to suck the breath out of my mouth and freeze my nostrils shut? I didn't do anything to you, wind! Rude. 

Anywho. This latest snowstorm has effectively kicked us off of the track; unless you think running in a circular trudge while trying to keep a good pace and avoiding slipping and breaking your skull sounds like fun...We didn't think so.

So here's the plan instead: Meet at the LVHS parking lot at 5:30pm, we'll do a warm-up jog over to Welch Blvd for some hill repeats. At least if you slip in the middle of a hill effort, it might be a slower fall than if you were running faster on flat ground and if you slip during recovery on the way down, weren't being careful enough! Let's try for 8 x 45 seconds with 2 minutes rest in between.

While we're on the topic of adaptation in the winter, we sent around a survey a few weeks ago asking about stoke level for alternate indoor cross training activities. The response was lukewarm and since we would have to front the cost of any facility, that doesn't get us super excited about negotiating with say, Elemental for a regular space.

However, Amber is about to start teaching a class or two at Ananda and we have the opportunity to put an 8 or 10 week class series on the schedule starting early in January. What that could* look like is either purchasing a package deal for LRC members for $32-$40, the equivalent of $4 classes if you attend every week ($8 if you only go every other week), or individual drop-in classes for a bit more. It would probably only replace the LRC workout biweekly or more often if the weather is especially harsh, but would be on a different day than the regular LRC workout so you could still choose to attend even when LRC does an outdoor workout that week (for example, maybe the LRC workout is Tuesday, the yoga class is Wednesday night at 7:30). We'd still need to work out the deets with Sylvia Carl who owns Ananda Yoga Studio, but before we dive in there, what's your interest level? Please take this survey ASAP and let us know so we have something to work with:

That's it for now folks!

See you tomorrow night!

Amber and Evan

*We have to get approval from the yoga studio before finalizing any prices. These are just our thoughts.

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